Lead Like a Girl

Episode 1 November 22, 2021 00:23:20
Lead Like a Girl
Your Tribe
Lead Like a Girl

Nov 22 2021 | 00:23:20


Show Notes

Our discussion focuses on a recent article authored by Nancy D O'Reilly titled “Lead Like a Girl.”

In the article, Nancy shares “Women already have the raw material we need to become successful leaders. We just need to shift our attitudes and master the best practices to put these natural skills and abilities to work.”  In the article, Nancy provides 5 ways women can use their feminine strengths to impact lives, inspire teams and create a positive impact. 

1.       Reframe your ideas about power

2.       Don’t try to be the strong, silent type

3.       Ask for help

4.       Take to the podium, woman-style

5.       Shift your perspective (and theirs, too) 

Listen in to hear “Your Tribe’s” experience and perspective as leaders and how they have used their feminine strengths to build teams, sell ideas and make things happen. 

Link to Resources mentioned in the discussion:


In this episode, Your Tribe, shares from their five different perspectives what "Lead Like a Girl" means to them. 

Your Tribe:

Aimee Allen

Haig Partners

[email protected]



Brigitta Hoeferle

The Center of NLP

[email protected]



Cindy Kavanagh


[email protected]



Jeanne Zierhoffer

JZ Lifestyle Team

[email protected]



Kendall Rawls 

The Rawls Group: Business Succession Planners

[email protected]



Your tribe is just that, YOURS, which means, please reach if you have something you would like to chat about with us, or maybe chime in on. Share your thoughts and ideas by reaching out to any one of us through the contact information below.  Thank you to our 5 excellent coaches for sharing insight and perspectives and showing the power of vulnerability.

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“Your Tribe” is produced by The Rawls Group – Business Succession Planners. 

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